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Biography: Eric Utne

Eric Utne at work. Click for larger image. Eric Utne was co-founding publisher of Utne magazine (previously Utne Reader). Utne has spent his career as a journalist, writer, editor, and publisher. Before founding Utne magazine in 1984, Eric wrote and edited for the East West Journal, (later renamed Natural Health). In 1974 he was founding publisher and editor of the New Age Journal, (later renamed Body & Soul and recently acquired by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia).

Eric Utne at work. Click for larger image.In 1999, Eric stepped away from Utne magazine (now chaired by his wife Nina Rothschild Utne) to serve for two years as a class teacher at City of Lakes Waldorf School in Minneapolis. Eric is a sought-after speaker on numerous subjects, including responsible business, entrepreneurship, educational reform, journalism, and community building. He’s been a featured guest on programs such as CBS' “America Tonight” with Charles Kurault and Leslie Stahl. Father of four sons, he lives with his family in Minneapolis, USA.

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