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Running A One-Person Business
  by Claude Whitmyer and Salli Rasberry
Foreword by Tom Peters.
Paperback - 280 pages 2nd Rev edition (May 1994) Ten Speed Press
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"... will rank with the top ten business books of this decade in importance and usefulness."

Paul Hawken, author of Growing a Business

"... a fabulous testament to creating a rewarding lifestyle through your work, whether gardener, physicist, or dressmaker. It's also a no-nonsense, one step-at-a-time primer to getting there from here ... I wish I'd had it ... when I wiggled out of the corporate cocoon."

Tom Peters, author of Reinventing Work: The Brand You 50

Running A One-Person Business provides a comprehensive approach to the needs of the one-person business. With interviews of many successful entrepreneurs who have struck out on their own and stuck with it, this book is brimming with practical information needed by those currently in business for themselves or those who are planning to be.

This book has been called a "lifestyle handbook" for its in depth offering of the tips and tools people really need to express themselves through commerce. An excellent manual for one-person business operators, with plenty of helpful advice for businesses of any size.

Running A One-Person Business is must reading for anyone who is in business or wants to be; for professionals who need guidance in running their own business from home or in an office; or anyone wanting to get a head start on the money, time, and information management required in today's work place.


  1. One-Person Business Owners -- A Unique Group
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Financial Management and Control
  4. Financial Strategies
  5. Information Management
  6. Time Management
  7. Setting Up Shop
  8. Choosing Office Equipment -- High Tech or Low?
  9. Grassroots Marketing
  10. Emotional Support Systems
  11. Staying a One-Person Business
  • Appendix: Start-Up and Legal Matters
  • Index

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