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Finding Meaningful Work

with Claude (CW) Whitmyer

CW teaching. Click for larger image.I sometimes joke that, judging from how people behave at work, the word 'career' is actually the word 'careen' and someone crashed into the 'n,' breaking off a piece so it looks like an 'r.'

My weird sense of humor aside, for many, today's jobs make us feel like we are careening through life from one bad work experience to another, bouncing off the walls of our cubicles and looking forward mostly to the weekend and vacation time; hoping for a desk and a parking place closer to the front door."

Claude Whitmyer     

Finding Good Work™ is completely different from that type of work experience. To start with, what you do for a living is determined by,

  1. First, of all, your innate interests and capacities.
  2. Second, after that, the need to make money.

Making money is still important, but you look for work that lets you

do what you love and still pay the bills.

Your "career" changes — sometimes in an instant of "Aha!" — more often through a refinement in your understanding of what makes up meaning at work.

In Finding Good Work you aim for refinements that move you closer to the work that you seek — work that is meaningful and yet economically rewarding too.

Finding Good Work — work that lets you do what you love and still pay the bills — isn't always easy but with clarity of intention, hard work, and good choices, you CAN find your own true "right livelihood."

Who Will Be Your Guide?

Long before job security disappeared, long before the word "burnout" came into common usage, long before a generation of career changers popularized lifelong learning, and way before the Internet brought learning into our homes, Claude Whitmyer was helping people learn to find greater meaning and reward in what they do for a living.

For more than 40 years, through his own creative and cause-based projects, his profit-making businesses and his interviews, articles and books on small business, meaningful work and community building, Mr. Whitmyer has offered career guidance, management consulting, entrepreneurship training, and other lifelong learning opportunities to tens of thousands of men and women searching for more meaning in their lives, their work, and their work places.

Whitmyer has been fortunate to share intimate 1-on-1 consulting sessions with nearly 1,000 individuals and, with their help, has refined his unique Good Work Guidance™ and Good Business Advice™ processes into powerful self-discovery tools — tools you can use to escape the bonds of wage slavery.

Claude offers guidance and opportunities to master three core awareness practices critical to finding meaningful work:

  • Mindfulness
  • Focusing
  • Skillful means

How Does It Work?

Private, confidential consultations following the Good Work Guidance™ or Good Business Advice™ processes are available online — or in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities — by special arrangement.

What Are Your Options?

Online Career Guidance.

Individual and group sessions are available online, based on the same steps covered in the free sample lessons and face-to-face consultations. For information about the online consulting tools Claude uses, please visit here or write or call (415-648-2667).

Online Workshops.

The Path to Meaningful Work is available as an online workshop by special arrangement. It is especially valuable for groups of eight or more learners willing to attend together. To discuss your group's interest, please write to Claude or call 415-648-2667. To view sample lessons, visit this page.

Executive Coaching.

If you are a manager, director, executive or other decision-maker facing a job transition or looking for career guidance, Claude offers private consultations in person or by phone or email. To schedule an appointment write or call (415-648-2667).

Consulting for Small, Really Small or One-Person Businesses.

Starting, expanding, or selling a small business? You don't have to do it alone. With a little help, you too can

  • Do well
  • Do good
  • Do what you love
  • Pay the bills

For information, please go here or write or call 415-648-2667.

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Books On Meaningful Work

Books On Meaningful Work

ClaudeClaude (CW) Whitmyer has long been a thought leader in the movement to bring back purpose and values to the workplace as demonstrated in his writing, including his books:

Cover from Mindfulness and Meaningful Work.Mindfulness & Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood (Parallax Press, 1994), through which he helped introduce the idea of "right livelihood" to the English-speaking world.

Cover from Running a One-Person BusinessRunning a One Person Business (Ten Speed Press, Second Edition, 1994), in which he and co-author Salli Raspberry were among the first to call for a values-based "business-as-lifestyle" approach to entrepreneurship.

Cover from In the Company of Others.In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World (Tarcher/Putnam, 1993) where he was an early champion of the practices of "circles of intimacy" and grassroots marketing that have come to be known as "degrees of separation," "social networking," and "social marketing."

These books also document the development and describe the elements of Good Work Guidance, CW's unique approaches to career guidance and coaching for people seeking a more meaningful work and life.

Today, CW continues to offer individual sessions and group workshops by special arrangement. to learn more about how you can benefit from the expert advice that comes from CW's more than 40 years of experience, click on the message link at the bottom of the right hand column or visit the contact page to schedule a free 20 to 30-minute conversation by phone.

Please visit an example of one of the social networks he helped grow at, The Briarpatch and read about its long, fascinating history at Briarpatch.Net.

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