The Path To Meaningful Work


Free Introductory Course
The Path to Meaningful Work

You can plan on taking at least one hour for each lesson in this program. If you have a normal life with work and/or family responsibilities, you will be doing well to find the time to complete one or two lessons a week. There are currently 45 lessons planned for the complete program (the three free lessons plus 42 additional lessons). These lessons are not a part of your usual routine, so you may have to make a weekly appointment with yourself and write it down in your day planner to carve out the time needed for steady progress.

Click on each lesson below to proceed through the free course. For best results, proceed in the order listed.

When you have completed each assignment or exercise, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to go on to the next lesson. If you get lost, use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

  • Contract: Make a contract with yourself to complete these lessons.
  • Lesson A: Start Your Learning Journal
  • Lesson B: Learn What Makes Work Meaningful
  • Lesson C: Learn What It Takes to Find Meaningful Work

Online Learning Tip: You may prefer to work with a paper copy of each of the lesson pages you are about to visit. To do this, simply print the page out. (Click on the File menu of your browser and select the Print command.)

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