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Who Has Used Good Business Advice?

Some Good Business Advice™ Clients

  • Alameda County Housing Authority, Hayward, California
  • Artventure, natural fiber clothing, Berkeley, California
  • Aunt Ann's Agency, temp agency, San Francisco
  • Barbara Blake, Landscape Contractor, San Francisco
  • Been There, Photo Maps, San Francisco
  • Blue Heron Restaurant, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Canessa Park Architects, San Francisco
  • Clement Street Counseling Center, San Francisco
  • Creative Catering, San Francisco
  • Crow Canyon Institute, environmental education, San Ramon, California
  • Joan Dekelboum, landscape architect, San Francisco
  • Foretagsutveckling Centre, business institute, Trollhattan, Sweden
  • Frame of Mind, framing stores, San Francisco
  • Growth Management Center, organization consultants, Truckee, California
  • Institute for the Human Environment, consultants, Sausalito, California
  • Kursbyn Korpberget, psychotherapy institute, Kramfors, Sweden
  • Marina Counseling Center, San Francisco
  • McKinnon School of Massage, Oakland, California
  • Michael Painter Associates, Landscape Architects, San Francisco
  • Mudd's Restaurant, San Ramon, California
  • New College of California, San Francisco
  • Nolo Press, Berkeley, California
  • Off the Loom, flat-weave tapestries, San Francisco & Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Open Enterprises, Inc., mail-order, sex-positive products, San Francisco
  • Page & Turnbull, Architects, San Francisco
  • Paradox Enterprises, online medical database, Glen Ellen, California
  • Yana Parker, career and resume coach, Oakland, California
  • Pickle Family Circus, San Francisco
  • Real Goods Trading Company, alternative energy and organic farming, Santa Rosa, California
  • Research & Planning for Business, Mill Valley, California
  • The Russel Group, architects, San Francisco
  • Sunflower Compositaers, word processing, San Francisco
  • San Francisco SPCA, San Francisco
  • Sibbet Associates, organizational consultants, San Francisco
  • Sunrise Springs Spa, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Thousand Islands Institute, owner-builder center, Picton, Ontario, Canada
  • Wells & Vincent, CPAs, Berkeley, California

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The ancient followers of the Tao were
subtle, mysterious and penetrating.
They were too deep to be fathomed.
All we can do is describe their appearance.
Hesitant, as if crossing a winter stream.
Watchful, as if aware of neighbors on all sides.
Respectful, like a visiting guest.
Yielding, like ice beginning to melt.
Simple, like an Uncarved Block.
Open, like a valley.
Obscure, like muddy water.

Who else can be still,
and let the muddy water slowly become clear?
Who else can remain at rest,
and slowly come to life?
Those who hold fast to the Tao
do not try to fill themselves to the brim.
Because they do not try to be full,
they can be worn out and yet, ever new.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 15

Moon/Finger Zen.